1013 - Introduction to Specialized Dental Software

Author/Editor: Connie Effinger, BS; Sue Kump, MBA, CDA, LDA; Kathy Zwieg, CDA, LDA; Wilhemina Leeuw, MS, CDA; Revised by Christine Casile, CDA, RDA, RDH and Mary T. Elliott, BS, EFDA, RDA, EFODA, CDA

Computers and specialized dental practice software has become an integral contributor to the success of the dental practice. Selection of a system that will grow with the practice is recommended. Identification of practice needs for now and for the future, options and software support, and staff training are additional concerns. Although this course does not endorse any specific computer system, it presents principles that can be applied to most computerized systems.

CE Credits: 2
Original Release Date: 2010; Review Date: Currently Under Review


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