Indiana Radiology Program

ADAA Home Study Radiology Courses

Dental assistants taking x-rays in the State of Indiana must be licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health to do so. The American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) has a home study package of 6 courses approved by the Indiana State Department of Health for the Indiana Radiology Program that can be completed at home or in the office. If the assistant is a Professional Member of the ADAA or joins as a new Professional member of the ADAA, then the assistant can take the Radiology Program at no additional fee online. To apply for membership in the ADAA, complete the membership application here. Once you receive your ADAA account receipt confirmation, you can log into your ADAA account and begin taking the courses. Once you are a member of the ADAA, you can find your membership number on your ADAA account dashboard, after logging in.

The assistant will also need to apply for an Indiana Provisional Dental Permit to take x-rays in the office while completing the online home study courses. The Provisional Permit Application is available online through the Indiana State Department of Health website. Once you locate your ADAA membership number (found on your ADAA account dashboard ) and start the online courses, you will need to complete the “Application for Provisional or Student Permit” form. Follow the step-by-step instructions below.  You must send the completed application to the Indiana Department of Health (address on the form) to receive your Provisional Permit. The ADAA Home Study Courses must be listed on the application for the Provisional Permit as the educational program for the assistant (“ADAA Home Study Course; the address of the ADAA, 180 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Suite 370, Annapolis, MD  21401; the date you ordered the course- date enrolled; and the date that you anticipate finishing all six courses – date graduated or projected graduation) and you must mark “Provisional-Dental”, NOT student. The assistant may not take x-rays in the office until he/she receives the Provisional Permit. The permit is valid for 6 months from the date the permit is issued by the Indiana Department of Health. It cannot be renewed. The assistant may take x-rays under the supervision of an Indiana-licensed dentist with a valid Provisional Permit.

During the clinical training in the office, the assistant should complete the 6 online home study courses and exams at the end of each course. When completing the course online, download the Course Attendance Verification forms at the end of each exam when successfully passing the post-test. The online Home Study Courses are “open book” exams and any licensed dentist, hygienist, or x-ray licensed assistant may assist the student with the courses.

Once all 6 online exams are passed, the employer dentist must sign a Certificate of Proficiency available on the Indiana State Department of Health website.  The assistant will need to apply for the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) Radiation Health and Safety Exam directly with DANB and can request a “Candidate Guide” from DANB at 1-800-FOR DANB or online at After passing the DANB RHS exam, the assistant will then apply for the Operator’s License with the ISDH. The Application for a License is available on the ISDH website.

The assistant must send in copies of the 6 Course Attendance Verification forms from the ADAA along with the Certificate of Proficiency and a copy of the DANB Certificate to the Indiana State Department of Health with the Application for the Radiology License and the appropriate fee.


American Dental Assistants Association/Indiana State Department of Health Approved Dental Radiology Education Package

Course Number

Course Title

Number of CE Credits


Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography



Intra Oral Radiographic Technique



Dental Radiographic Pitfalls and Errors



Identifying Diseases of the Teeth and Oral Cavity Through Radiographic Images



Digital Radiography in Dentistry: Moving from Film-based to Digital Imaging



Radiation Biology, Safety, and Protection for Today’s Dental Assistant



Steps to Complete the Indiana Radiology Program

  1. To complete the courses online, join the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) as a Professional member (must also pay for the Indiana state dues) by completing the ADAA membership application online here. Once you receive your ADAA receipt confirmation, log into your ADAA account at and register for the continuing education required radiology courses listed above. This enrolls you in the program.
  2. Complete the ISDH Provisional Permit Application except for your Social Security number. DO NOT fill in your SSN yet. After you have filled everything else out, email the ISDH Provisional Permit Application to the ADAA Education Programs Manager, Scott Nichols. List the ADAA Home Study Courses on the application under Name of School/Program. Your application will then be signed by the ADAA Education Manager, who will then email it back to you.
  3. When you receive your signed application back, print it out and then FILL IN your Social Security Number. Mail the printed copy of the signed and completed application for the Indiana Provisional Permit to the Indiana State Department of Health (The address is on the application form.) They will issue the Provisional Permit. Once the Provisional Permit is received back from the Indiana State Department of Health, the assistant can take x-rays in the dental office under the supervision of the dentist. The Provisional Permit is only good for 6 months from the date of issue. IT CAN NOT BE RENEWED.
  4. Complete all 6 radiology courses and pass each test, then download the Course Certificate. After passing all 6 courses, the employer dentist will sign a “Certificate of Proficiency” from the ISDH website.
  5. Contact the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and request a DANB Radiation Health and Safety Exam. If you have passed the RHS exam previously, you do not need to retake it. You must have a copy of the certificate showing it was passed.
  6. Apply to take the DANB Radiation Health and Safety Exam with DANB. Take and pass the DANB RHS Exam.
  7. Apply for the Indiana x-ray Operator’s License from the Indiana State Department of Health (application on the ISDH website and submit the fee along with the 6 Course Attendance Verification forms from the ADAA, copies of the DANB certificate and the Certificate of Proficiency signed by the dentist.
  8. Keep copies of all the certificates of completion, DANB certificate, and Certificate of Proficiency for your records.