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The ADAA is a professional organization for dental assistants. It celebrates its 97th year in 2022. President Mary Beth Sjoka identifies its mission as advancing the careers of dental assistants and advocating for the dental assisting profession in matters of education, professional activities, credentialing, and legislation. To promote the ideals and growth of the Association which aids in the accessibility and delivery of quality oral health care to the public. Dental Assistants perform highly technical skilled work under the supervision of dentists in a wide variety of tasks in the dental office, ranging from patient care to administrative duties to laboratory functions.

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Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

May 2023

I have exciting news to share. ADAA has undergone a remarkable transformation as we embrace technology and step into the twenty-first century. Our partnership with Kellen has allowed us to continue our journey towards success and excellence.

Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

April 2023

Graduation season is here, and I can’t help but think of our many student members who have put in the hard work and dedication over the years to reach this very most important milestone. This is an exciting time they are entering—a new profession, putting learned skills to use.

 Letter From Leadership: Mary Beth Sojka

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 June 2023 
June 20, 2023
7:00PM - 8:00PM EDT

Oral Manifestations and Dental Implications of Food-related Autoimmune Diseases - Webinar

Presenter: Deborah (Debby) Vernon, CDA, CDIPC