adaa/danb scholarship

The ADAA/DANB Scholarship shall be presented annually to one or more dues-paying ADAA members in good standing. Each individual selected to receive the ADAA/DANB Scholarship will have presented a plan for professional development in the field of dental assisting. The scholarship is to be used to help recipients turn their dental assisting professional development plans into reality.

As part of the submission process, applicants are required to submit the following documentation as required by the application:

Your Letter of Intent

Your letter of intent should describe your interest in a long-term career in dental assisting and outlining a plan for your professional development. This letter will serve as the basis for determining the size of the ADAA/DANB Scholarship, should it be awarded to you. ADAA/DANB Scholarships range from $250 to $1,000. The estimated cost of all activities you list must total at least $250 and may exceed $1,000, but the ADAA/DANB Scholarship will be awarded for no more than $1,000 per recipient.

For examples of professional development areas, see the “Use of Scholarship Funds” section of the ADAA/DANB Scholarship Parameters document. Your Letter of Intent will be judged on content, including the specificity of your professional development plan, and on spelling and grammar. The Letter of Intent must be dated and signed by you, and should be a minimum of 250 words but not exceed 1,000 words.

Documentation for Your Professional Development Plan

Attach documents that support the specific professional development activities you describe in your Letter of Intent, as part of your professional development plan. Required documentation is described in the “Use of Scholarship Funds” section of the ADAA/DANB Scholarship Parameters. Only documentation that supports your intended professional development activities is required.

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