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COVID Vaccines: Efficacy and Safety (AGD 130)

Presenter: John A. Molinari, PhD


Infectious diseases described over the past 4 decades include those caused by newly discovered pathogens, as well as re-emergent infections caused by microbial mutation and drug-resistance. The latest example is the emergence and spread of SARS-CoV-2 virus and the resultant COVID-19 pandemic. A global effort to develop effective vaccines to protect the population against this respiratory disease led to the development and approval of multiple vaccines by the end of 2020. This webinar is APPROVED FOR ONE (1) CE CREDIT and will discuss updated science and clinical-based knowledge for currently approved COVID-19 vaccines. Considerations will include development and criteria for COVID-19 approval for use in the population, observed effectiveness, and potential, short term adverse reactions to vaccination.


John A. Molinari, Ph.D.  Dr. Molinari earned a PhD in Microbiology from the University of Pittsburgh and subsequently worked as a faculty member in the School of Dental Medicine. He is currently Professor Emeritus at the University of Detroit Mercy, where he served for 32 years in the School of Dentistry as Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Sciences and Director of Infection Control. Later, he was Infection Control Director for DENTAL ADVISOR where he was involved in research on newly developed infection prevention technologies and products. He has also been an infectious disease consultant for the CDC, ADA, and regional hospitals. Dr. Molinari has published over 500 scientific articles, text chapters, and abstracts in the areas of microbiology and immunology, and lectures nationally and internationally on topics dealing with infectious diseases and infection control.


After participating in this program the dental professional should be able to:

  • Explain the scientific advances employed in the development of COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Describe the rigorous standards required for vaccine development and approval.
  • Discuss vaccine modes of action in induction of specific host responses.
  • Compare efficacy data for current vaccines.
  • Describe potential adverse reactions which can occur in certain vaccinated individuals.
  • Describe the goal of COVID-19 vaccination to attain population herd immunity.

The ADAA has an obligation to disseminate knowledge in the field of dentistry. Sponsorship of a continuing education program by the ADAA does not necessarily imply endorsement of a particular philosophy, product or technique.

The ADAA cautions participants taking this course on the hazards of using limited knowledge when integrating new techniques into their practices.

Credits earned upon completion of this course may be used to meet DANB’s Recertification Requirements.

This course has been produced in part by a grant from the Professional Dental Assistants Education Foundation (PDAEF). 


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