1009 - An Update on the Dangers of Soda Pop

Author/Editor: Gary J. Kaplowitz, DDS, MA, MEd

Soda pop has emerged as one of the most significant dietary sources of acid capable of producing demineralization of the enamel. Many brands of soda pop also contain sugars that are fermented by bacteria that produce acid by-products. It also appears that soda pop contains other ingredients that produce demineralization independent of its acid content or fermentable sugars. The consumption of soda pop in the US continues to increase in alarming proportions with consequent drastic effects on the dentition of many people. Completing this course will equip the dental team with the expertise and training to intervene with diet counseling, home care instruction and professionally applied fluoride to decrease the potential ravages of soda pop with their patients.

CE Credits: 3
Original Release Date: 2010; Review date: 2023; Next Review: 2026


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