1322 - Alginate Impression and Diagnostic Study Model Techniques

Author/Editor: Ellen Gambardella, CDA, RDA, M.Ed., FADAA and Rita J. Johnson, COA, RDH, MA Bus

Learn step–by–step procedures for taking alginate impressions. Discover alternatives for obtaining bite registrations, and ascertain various ways of creating study models. This comprehensive course combines theory with practical information on correct chairside and laboratory procedures and how to manipulate the dental materials involved. Highlights infection control including disinfection protocol, patient preparation, mixing techniques, alginate tray selection and preparation, use of adhesives, seating and removal of impression trays, inspection of impressions, bite registration techniques, gypsum, pouring casts, separating and trimming casts, and finishing and storage of models. Sponsored in part from an educational grant from DUX Dental.

CE Credits: 4
Original Release Date: 2013; Review Date: Currently Under Review


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