1302 - Introduction to Basic Concepts in Dental Radiography

Author/Editor: Jan DeBell, CDA, EFDA, MS, BS

Preparation for a National Radiology Exam! Included in this fact–filled course are all the basics needed to expose high-quality radiographs. It is the best help a dental assistant can get in prepping for a radiology exam. Learn how to:

  • Promote radiation safety;
  • Mount and label exposed radiographs;
  • Identify and correct errors related to dental x-ray procedures;
  • Apply infection control techniques to dental x-ray procedures;
  • Process radiographic film;
  • Expose and evaluate dental radiographs; and
  • Implement quality assurance procedures in dental radiography facilities.

CE Credits: 18
Original Release Date: 2013; Review Date: 2021; Next Review: 2024


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