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In this difficult time of reaching your audience through live exhibits at major meetings, are you looking for ways to reach important decision-makers for your products and services?

Participate in the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA) Virtual Tradeshow today.   For the price of a single booth at one show, secure a booth for a year on the ADAA tradeshow floor in a venue which experiences almost a million pageviews a year. 


Download a Brochure Here  


Our tradeshow is open to the public 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Exhibitors can put a variety of information in their booth – it is all up to you, just like it is for a live tradeshow floor.  For the convenience of those attending the virtual tradeshow, we would like to keep the formatting of the booths fairly standard, so they know where to find information.  But what information to share is yours to decide – announce sales, special offers, link to products and services, get participants back to your own site for additional information – all those decisions are yours to make!

In 2020, the ADAA website has experienced almost 1.2 million pageviews.  


The specifications for your booth may be found by clicking here

The exhibit registration fee is only $2,500 annually. 

Booth materials should be forwarded to John E. Kasper, PhD, CAE; ADAA Executive Director, by e-mail at jkasper@adaausa.org.   Please submit your materials organized by block as designated in the booth Specifications so that it is clear what information you desire to have contained in each content block. 

Your booth will be set up within five (5) working days of receipt of the materials, and your exhibit space will begin to count from the time the booth is launched.  Registrations are for one calendar year from the time of your booth going live.  Your booth can be changed through the course of the year should you wish to advertise different products, services, change links, etc.  Those changes should also be sent to Dr. Kasper, and again, they will be posted within five (5) working days, of course, sooner if possible.

Please note that the largest space is a rotator, and multiple pages can be accommodated in it.  We would not recommend that you include more than 10 slides in the rotator, because it has been our experience that the more pages, the fewer views toward the end of the rotation.  You may also provide audio-video files for inclusion in your booth.  We can provide usage data for your booth as requested.         

In the interest of standardizing the tradeshow floor experience for our customers, the physical layout of the booth will be the same for all booths at this point.  Please note that exhibitors have discretion in terms of what information they would like to include in the various blocks in the booth.  We reserve the right to refuse to include any materials that the exhibitor supplies at our sole discretion, recognizing that our intent is to be flexible to ensure a solid marketing experience of the exhibitor.

If you have any questions, please contact John E. Kasper, PhD, CAE by e-mail at jkasper@adaausa.org.

We look forward to you helping you enhance your marketing success with our members.