Operation Savannah, Inc.

DBA : Stephanie Smiles

Contact Information
Alexander (Alex) Bischoff
884 Woodridge Drive
Arnold, MO, 63010-2954
telephone:  415-377-7070
website:  stephaniesmiles.org


About Stephanie Smiles
In 2014, Stephanie Smiles was formed with the mission of using Internet technology to educate and equip the dental industry:
i) to support dental offices comply with the EPA Amalgam Rule;
ii) to understand the challenges facing patients with PTSD or alcohol/drug abuse; and
iii) for patients, especially children and young adults, if diagnosed with cancer, to know the importance of having their teeth cleaned prior to any chemotherapy.

Alexander (Alex) Bischoff is President of Operation Savannah, Inc.  He can be found walking in the community of Arnold with his wife Mary and their dog Jimi, or speaking on a range of subjects, but always seeking to share God’s Grace in truth and love.

Product & Service List
MMC Health
Compliance Made Easy
(easier than Paper)

Comply with the EPA Amalgam Rule
Dental Effluent Guidelines
[40 CFR part 441.50 (b)]
Visit dds-epa.org/adaa

Recovery in Christ (RinC)
RinC is a recovery program for men and women rooted in the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as they were first revealed to Bill W., Dr. Bob, Clarence S., and the other early rummies in December 1938
Visit operationsavannah.org/rinc