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2021 Sleep Education Consortium

2021 Sleep Education Consortium

Gain the knowledge you need to address your patient’s sleep concerns in a three day comprehensive course tailored to provide dental professionals with the essentials to build their dental practice in this evolving area of dentistry.

This course establishes the framework for enhancing collaboration between dental and medical professionals, using didactic and clinical educational methods, in the diagnosis and management of patients with sleep disorders. It will become clear how the dentist can play a large role in the overall health of these patients.

During this three-day, comprehensive course, the dentist will gain the knowledge needed to address patients’ sleep concerns. Dentists and staff attending this conference will become educated on the broad spectrum of sleep disorders on a basic-level and learn, in a more detailed fashion, about sleep-related breathing disorders. The dentist will gain knowledge that will help when screening for sleep disorders or providing guidance to patients who need proper medical care, by physician colleagues, for sleep disturbances.

The conference will offer hands-on experience to practice taking a bite record, perform an airway exam and in making a morning repositioner. This course will provide dental professionals with a pathway for building this aspect of their dental practice while functioning within accepted medical standards.

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