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I Am A Survivor

Author: Yvonne Evans RDA, BS, FADAA/Tuesday, December 2, 2014/Categories: 24/7 Articles

I AM a Survivor...I WILL Achieve my Fellowship...PERIOD!!
Life has a way of throwing roadblocks in your path. The decision of how to overcome those roadblocks determines who and what you are made of. When I completed my application for the American Dental Assistants Association Fellowship, I was fired up and inspired by witnessing my first Convocation in New Orleans.

It's like anything else in life. Those who are good at their job make it look easy. When you work for a doctor who loves what they do, every procedure looks easy. When paired with a seasoned lead dental assistant to train under, who can anticipate the doctor’s next instrument, and comfort a frightened patient, you wonder if you can ever be that comfortable and that good. They love what they do, and it looks easy, however there is always a story of a strong-willed person behind that now comfortable facade.

​The dental professionals I witnessed walking down the aisle were all smiles. None of them displayed the agony, determination and yes, frustration of following the rules to earn this award. Sometimes, you find yourself short on hours in a category you thought was complete. It is discouraging and you want to stop. The air has been released from your elation balloon and you feel deflated. It is not a “fast food” kind of program. It is a process, which is why you are given the ten year period to successfully complete it!

​The ADAA Fellowship/Mastership Committee understands that life as a dental professional goes on after entering into this program. Employment goes on. Family goes on and sometimes discouragement creeps in your mind and you want to quit pursuing your dreams.

​You are a certified planner. You can plan a budget and feed a family on hardly any money, while helping your child with homework. Making sure they are at the soccer field on time, cheerleader practice or whatever extracurricular activity is on your calendar.

Take the time to organize your pursuit of achieving this award. There can be a time and place on the calendar to schedule participation in a live webinar, an ADAA online course, attend a lunch and learn and register for a course at a convention. And don't forget the many mentors who would love to see you walk down that aisle at a Convocation and are willing to encourage you to push forward and complete one more goal in your pursuit of excellence in dental assisting.

Remember, help is just a call, email, or instant message away. Don't let anyone take your dreams. Keep Your Dream Alive! It is true that once you accomplish something that engulfs you, overwhelms you, makes you want to stop but you look back at how much you've done, the end of the journey is in sight.

​Embrace the pain and frustration. Allow it to strengthen you to go on. Reach out to your sister and brother dental assistants for support.

​You and I are survivors. We WILL achieve our goal of American Dental Assistants Association Fellowship/Mastership award.


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