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ADAA is Global

Author: Yvonne Evans RDA, BS, FADAA/Tuesday, December 2, 2014/Categories: 24/7 Articles

I am so pleased to introduce my international dental assistant sister from Italy. We met via the American Dental Assistants Association’s Facebook page and instantly became friends. She is very interested in helping her dental assistants in Italy become a more cohesive, professional group. She asked about joining our organization and I actually met the President of her organization IDEA via Skype! After reading articles I wrote, I asked her if she would like to write an article from her perspective of dental assistant in Italy and how she became involved in this awesome profession. Without further delay, I present to you an article written by Rossella from Italy!

Rossella Abbondanza, Dental Assistant in Taranto, Italy
I live in Taranto, A beautiful town in Puglia, and work in Taranto too. Taranto is known as the "city of two seas" because it is washed by the Great Sea in the bay between Punta Rondinella to the northwest and Capo San Dante to the south, and by the vast reservoir of the Little Sea. My doctor's name is Domenico Agrusta and I work with him since 1989. I represent my association I.DE.A. In Puglia and look after web communication for it.

It’s 23:30p.m. and I’m going to open my netbook just like I do everyevening. A new work day has gone; my children are in their bed; home is reordered and now I can take my free time doing what I love. I said that opening my netbook is the first thing I do but as soon as it turns on, I keep searching news, information and everything about the dental assistant profession.

That’s my job and I love it. The more I learn, the more I believe that it doesn’t exist another profession as delicate and fascinating as mine. I’ve been an Italian dental assistant since I was 19 years old. So young indeed but soon in love with this profession. At the moment, I’m 47 but nothing changed from those days. Italian dental assistants don’t attend courses because nobody asks them to. We still learn by doing and this produce a difference between assistants attending courses only because they find it useful and assistants who don’t. I’m one of the lucky assistants who met a very good teacher that’s to say a good dentist. I started learning about 5 years ago and I’m still desirous of learning and inquiring.

At this moment I’m very proud of being a member of I.DE.A (ItalianDentalAssociation) and I’m trying to be helpful to my colleagues organizing meeting and freecourses for all our members. We are fighting to reach a big goal; our professional accreditation. We believe that a dental assistant is a special figure in dental world but, unluckily, the first who must take note of thatis just dental assistant. We are the lymph, the icon, the driving force of the dental team. I have to thank Yvonne Evans for teaching me several things about being a good assistant. Your association is the Italian association I dream about. That’s why I asked you to accept my request of becoming anADAA member. Hope my dream, that’s all Italian assistants dream too, oneday, not too far, will come true. We look at you as a guiding star. Thank you for guiding us all.


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