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Fear Has a Way...

Author: Yvonne Evans RDA, BS, FADAA/Tuesday, December 2, 2014/Categories: 24/7 Articles

There is no real reason not to participate in achieving the ADAA Fellowship Award. You probably have heard and may have read, “The Road Less Traveled.” The Road to Fellowship has been traveled by many others. It is based on your ability to want to learn more about your profession.

I remember sitting in the rear of the room at my 1st National ADAA Conference as an Alternate Delegate. I was so impressed by the formality and acknowledgement of our ADAA members' accomplishments! Furthering your education is always important AND necessary. As dental professionals, we must be willing to keep up with all the latest technology, products, communication skills to use for our staff members and our patients.

Communication, that’s a big deal when you think about it. How many times problems have arisen because we did not ask enough questions to understand what was being asked of us? How many laboratory cases were returned with incorrect measurements because there was no communication between the doctor and the technician?

I asked myself the question while listening to the many accomplishments of the group of professionals receiving their Fellowship and Mastership Award, as each one was escorted down the aisle to receive the Certificate and Pin, “What is it within these ladies, made them want to do this? Who has the time to complete 300-400 hours of specific course requirements?"

At the time, it seemed overwhelming to me. And then, I had the pleasure and honor of speaking to them, socialize and celebrate this enormous accomplishment. At that moment, I realized it has to come from within. The desire to achieve, the need to want to know more was evident in the satisfaction of what had just happened to them. Each one of these recipients had support, from family, the offices they worked for and others who have walked this path before them.

The ADAA Fellowship/Mastership programs are a vehicle to achieve one more goal, but it also shows others that it is attainable.

Fear has a way of stopping us from trying. Failure is its nemesis. Once I decided to travel down the path that too few have gone, I was accepted and reached out to these wonderful ladies as my mentors. I have called many times, and have always received support and encouragement. I am one of I hope many, who has chosen to walk this path to Fellowship. I want to be a member of the group which is a part of the best professional group, the American Dental Assistants Association. You are safe, supported and rewarded for your efforts.

We need more dental assistants to get on the road the Fellowship/Mastership. It’s already been blazoned by the most supportive group. You can do this! Don’t let them down…don’t let yourself down.


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