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2021 ADAA Fellows and Masters Convocation 

Join us on Sunday, October 24 at 6:00 PM Eastern for a virtual celebration of our Fellows and Masters who have earned their distinction since 2015! You can view the list of Fellowship Award Recipients here, These participating members will be highlighted during the convocation and celebrated for their accomplishments. The convocation will be held via Zoom and will be open to all.


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The convocation will be recorded and available for later viewing. Please contact Jennifer Porter if you have any questions.  


Convocation Run of Show

Minutes 1-3


Minutes 3-8

History/Background of the Convocation

Minutes 8-18

Q&A: Moderator will have pre-arranged questions of the participants - they can unmute and answer live

Minutes 18-23

Explanation of this year’s Convocation; let participants know they will have time at the end of the video to speak/congratulate F/Ms; introduce video

Minutes 23-50

Video: Share screen and play pre-formatted video that highlights each F/M picture, name, bio points, etc.

Minutes 50-60

Allow participants to un-mute/offer their congrats

Minute 60




Fellowship Program in the ADAA

Long a standard of professional achievement, Fellowship in one of America's healthcare organizations has been a coveted level of professional recognition; a recognized, accepted accomplishment among one's peers.

The American Dental Assistants Association offers the Fellowship category within its membership.  And, there are two paths to this goal; clinical and business.

Fellowship is available only to ADAA MEMBERS and only to those with documented educational achievements.

Thousands of dental assisting professionals have proven their skill and dedication through earning the Certified Dental Assistant or Registered Dental Assistant credential.  In addition, ADAA is offering a challenging path to:

  • Increased value to your patients and practice
  • Enhanced confidence in your dental assisting capabilities
  • Public recognition of professional achievement
  • Increased professional status
  • Satisfaction of increased education
  • Enhancement of self esteem

Doctors take pride in a confident, educated team member.  This recognition and its aura of proven skills contributes to in-house marketing efforts, shorter start up time for the new employee and reduced staff turnover.

Most importantly, patients benefit from a self-assured, well educated team member, confident of his or her contribution to the dental team effort.

In order to become a Fellow of the ADAA, a dental assistant must be an Active member of the ADAA.  Immediately following enrollment, the ADAA Active Member may begin accruing the 300 hours of continuing education credit required for completion.

Those who have already achieved the status of Certified Dental Assistant are halfway to achieving Fellowship, and will automatically receive 150 hours of credit upon enrolling. Non-CDAs holding Registered Dental Assistant status from a state may apply for RDA credit which could be awarded on a state-by-state basis according to established criteria.  However, these RDA hours cannot be credited in addition to CDA hour awards.

Upon completing the Fellowship Program, successful applicants will be recognized at ADAA Annual Conference.  National recognition will be provided through the ADAA's professional journal and press releases.  A record of all CE credit hours submitted will be held in ADAA's Fellowship files and as an extra benefit, each enrollee will receive an annual printout of CE submitted to ADAA during the year.

As the profession of dental assisting moves forward, you should move forward too. You should become a Fellow of the American Dental Assistants Association.


*Fellowship and Mastership guidelines can be found HERE.  *New* Fellowship and Mastership brochure can be found HERE.




You must enroll in the ADAA Fellowship Program by going to the Fellowship Enrollment information in the Members Only area of the site and completing and mailing the enrollment form and fee.