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Hand Hygiene for the Dental Professional (AGD 130)

Presenter: Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA


Evidence supports the belief that improved hand hygiene can reduce health care associated infection rates. Failure to perform recommended hand hygiene is considered one of the leading causes of health care associated infections. Unfortunately, frequent and repeated use of hand hygiene products, particularly soaps and other detergents, are a primary cause of chronic irritant contact dermatitis among healthcare workers.1 Discomfort due to irritation can interfere with adherence to recommended hand hygiene practices. Consequently, it is important to have different types of hand hygiene products and gloves available in the dental office.


Leslie Canham, CDA, RDA, has been in the dental field since 1971. She is a Certified and Registered Dental Assistant and a nationally recognized speaker and consultant on Infection Control and OSHA compliance. She is authorized by the Department of Labor as an OSHA Outreach Trainer. Leslie is a member of several professional organizations including: Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP), Speaking Consulting Network (SCN), Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC), National Speakers Association (NSA), California Dental Association (CDA), American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA), and the California Dental Assistants Association (CDAA). Leslie has authored several articles and continuing education courses that have appeared in numerous dental publications. Leslie is founder of Leslie Canham & Associates providing consulting, on-site training, mock inspections, home-study courses, teleconferences and webinars.

Special thanks to Mike Canham of Leslie Canham & Associates for the hand washing and glove illustrations.


At the completion of this course, the dental professional should be able to:

• Understand how to perform hand hygiene correctly.
• Describe different types of hand hygiene.
• Recite the criteria for the selection of hand hygiene products.
• Recognize signs of skin irritation related to hand hygiene products or gloves.
• Locate reliable resources for information on hand hygiene.


The ADAA has an obligation to disseminate knowledge in the field of dentistry.  Sponsorship of a continuing education program by the ADAA does not necessarily imply endorsement of a particular philosophy, product or technique.

The ADAA cautions participants taking this course on the hazards of using limited knowledge when integrating new techniques into their practices.

Credits earned upon completion of the course may be used to meet DANB’s Recertification Requirements.


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