Judith Jones
Department:  Publications
Title:  Director
E-mail:  publications@adaausa.org
Catherine Kasper
Department:  Finance
Title:  Director
E-mail:  ckasper@adaausa.org
Phone:  x216
Jay Kasper
Department:  Associate Executive Director, Governance, and Advertising
Title:  Associate Executive Director
E-mail:  jaykasper@adaausa.org
Phone:  x214
John Kasper
Department:  Executive Director and Legislation
Title:  Executive Director
E-mail:  jkasper@adaausa.org
Phone: x215
Peter Kasper
Department:  Social Media
E-mail: pkasper@adaausa.org
Patrick Nutter
Department:  Customer Service
Title:  Manager
E-mail:  pnutter@adaausa.org
Phone:  x210
Sidonia Peto
Department:  Education
Title:  Director
E-mail:  speto@adaausa.org
Phone:  x229
Jennifer Porter
Department:  Membership 
Title:  Director
E-mail:  jporter@adaausa.org
Phone:  x212
Logan Hammel
Department:  Customer Service and State and Local Organizations
Title:  Manager
E-mail:  lhammel@adaausa.org
Phone:  x228