ADAA Councils


The following comprises the council structure and guidelines of the American Dental Assistants Association:

  • Ad Hoc Committee on Contract and Goals
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Corporate and Professional Relations
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning
  • Ad Hoc Committee on Wikipedia Content
  • Bylaws Subcommittee
  • Committee on Annual Session
  • Committee on Awards and Scholarships
  • Committee on Fellowship and Mastership
  • Committee on Legislation
  • Committee on Social Media
  • Committee on Strategic Planning
  • Committee on Student Involvement
  • Conference Rules Subcommittee
  • Council on Education
  • Council on Finance
  • Council on Governance
  • Council on Membership
  • Credentials Subcommittee
  • Elections Subcommittee
  • New Officer/Trustee Manual Subcommittee
  • Nominating Subcommittee
  • Subcommittee on Editorial Review
  • Subcommittee on IRS Compliance
  • Subcommittee on Manual of Procedures
  • Subcommittee on Policies and Resolutions
  • Subcommittee to Reactivate Inactive States
  • Subcommittee to Review Minutes of the 2020 and 2021 House of Delegates

To contact a council please forward your message to the appropriate staff member or log in and click here.

If you would like to volunteer for a council, please fill out the following paperwork and email to Jay Kasper.

Council Application and Volunteer Agreement
Disclosure Statement of Potential Conflicts of Interest

General Information and Leadership Responsibilities

Members of the Board of Trustees and Council Members are expected to work cooperatively to attain desired results. Leadership responsibilities encompass problem solving and decision making expertise, a broad national perspective, administrative and policy making abilities, and strength of conviction to act in the best interests of the American Dental Assistants Association (ADAA). The success of the ADAA is directly proportional to the effectiveness of its leadership.

Council members shall be thoroughly knowledgeable of the ADAA Bylaws, Manual of Procedures, Policies, and the Strategic Plan. Each Council in concert with the President shall develop objectives and strategies to accomplish the goals of the Strategic Plan.

No member of any Council may issue a public statement, in the name of that Council or in the name of the American Dental Assistants Association, unless authority has been granted by the President, and that the statement is clearly in accord with the policies of the Association.

Council members shall be expected to respond immediately to all correspondence and to transmit the required number of copies to the appropriate people. Council members shall include the Council Chair and designated staff representative on all correspondence and emails. Council members who disregard communications or do not follow through on assignments or participate in council activities to the satisfaction of the Chair shall be reported to the President for appropriate action.

Since a council position is an appointed position, the President has the authority to remove a council member or reassign a council member’s duties at any time. At such time a council member is removed or reassigned, the president shall give notice to that member and the Board of Trustees.

It is expected that Council Chairs shall report the Councils' actions to the Board of Trustees at the established deadline date. Council Chairs shall be responsible to obtain information from the Subcommittee Chairs, to be included in the Council Report. It is also expected that the Council Chair will report back to the Council members within 30 days of each Board meeting activity and actions related to their Council.

All Council Chairs/Vice-Chairs are responsible for initiating an annual review of Council responsibilities and related documents with the Council members and recommending changes as needed to the Manual of Procedures, the ADAA website and Strategic Plan.

Council Chairs are responsible to convene and preside over an initial meeting of their assigned Council to address directives and complete preliminary Council business within thirty (30) days of post Board. Additional meetings will be convened by the Chair as needed to fulfill all Council responsibilities. The Chair shall submit a full report of all Council activities by the designated deadline for inclusion in materials for all Board meetings and Annual Session.